Differentiators of ASPASIO

1. Focus on Asian transaction

Large investment bank and large advisory firms have adopted the organization structure and fee structure that is more suitable for global projects and large scale projects. However, especially in the deals that take place in the Asian region, there are many projects where the scale of investment and scale of the other company is smaller compared to the projects in Europe and the United States, and we often see cases where these are outside the target of large investment banks and large advisory firms. From the standpoint of companies, this perhaps means they do not get introduced to deals of appropriate scale when exploring the possibility of making investments in Asia.

ASPASIO’s main target is the transactions that happen in Asia. From our partners in South East Asia, China, South Korea, Taiwan, and other countries, we collect information about emerging companies and local companies and we offer useful information to our clients. Besides, we have tie ups with local professional firms familiar with local laws and regulations and local tax laws, and we can also support the execution of deals.

2. Strong in middle size deals

As stated above, large investment bank and large advisory firms are more focused on large deals. On the other hand, as for the requirements of several Japanese companies, instead of large deals, they are more interested in small and medium sized deals from various strategic aspects and constraints. Especially, companies considering or executing M&A deals for the first time or companies having limited experience of M&A deals where they are going to build the required structure from now onwards, may feel that large deals are high risk deals.

ASPASIO offer robust support for medium size M&A deals. Through our strong network with excellent regional banks in Japan and the overseas local network, in addition to finding medium size deals, our professionals with more than 10 years of industry experience offer detailed support for the deal at the time of its execution. ASPASIO is not a mere M&A intermediate agent, it is an advisory firm that would drive the client’s M&A deal to the success.

3. Capable of providing seamless support to M&A process

M&A can be broadly divided into three phases.

  1. (1) Pre-M&A phase (M&A preparation phase)
  2. (2) Execution phase (M&A execution phase)
  3. (3) Post M&A phase (company operation phase)

In more specific terms, (1) encompasses creating investment strategy, selecting the investment target, working out the investment scheme, and approaching the target company, (2) includes due diligence, valuation, contract negotiation, and closing procedure, and (3) covers creating a plan for company operation after acquisition and implementing the plan. Therefore, the activities are very extensive and several related experts are involved in a deal. From the standpoint of the client, this may be frustrating because despite of outsourcing the entire procedure, the experts need to be changed in between and they must start sharing the information from scratch.

ASPASIO can support the entire M&A process in a very seamless manner. Team members of ASPASIO Group come from M&A advisory firms, consulting firms, funds, audit firms, law offices, financial institutions (banks, security companies), trading companies, and other businesses. We support the entire process (from start until end of M&A) as one team.