Privacy Policy

With regard to handling of personal information, “ASPASIO Co., Ltd.” will establish the management structure and system for personal information protection according to the actual business situation, and it will appropriately and carefully handling personal information.

1. Collecting personal information

When collection personal information, the company will use lawful and fair means and the company will collect personal information to the appropriate extent. The company may collection personal information to the required extent in the following case.

  • Inquiries

2. Use of personal information

When using personal information, we will use it within the purpose of use clearly stated by us. When using it outside the purpose of use clearly stated by us, we will obtain the prior consent of the owner of the personal information. We will use the personal information for the following purpose.

  • For disseminating newsletter
  • For responding to inquiries
  • For using in the statistical information where personal information is not identified

3. Offering of personal information

We basically do not disclose or share the personal information to a third party without permission of the owner of the personal information. When offering personal information to a third party, we will obtain the prior consent of the individual. However, the following cases are excluded.

  • When disclosure is requested by a government agencies such as request from police
  • When disclosure is required by the law

When explaining our services to a partner company or an advertiser, or other third party, or for other lawful purpose, we may summarize and analyze personal information, and we may disclose the statistical information that is processed such that it doesn’t include personal information (overall information that shows the trend of all users).

4. Disclosure, correction, etc. of personal information

When the owner of the information has asked for disclosure, correction or deletion of his information, or when he has declined to use offer his/her information, we will appropriately accommodate such requests.

Safety measures

While striving to ensure accuracy of personal information, we will take safety measures for safe handling of personal information, and we will prevent unauthorized access to personal information, loss, damage, falsification, and leakage of personal information. When required, we will take the improvement measures.

Adherence to laws and regulations

For robust personal information protection, we will adhere to laws and other regulations related to personal information protection.

Continuous improvement of management methods of personal information

We will review the continuously improve the management methods of personal information.

Other notes

Third party websites, services, and advertisements linked from the contents operated by us have their own rules regarding personal information protection and regulations for data collection. We do not take any responsibility for these rules and activities.

Inquiries related to personal information

Please use the “Inquiry form” for sending your inquiries and questions related to personal information.